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Posted on Sunday, 1 September 2013, 6:27 am, 0 Comment.
There is a lot of fan-fiction out there created by overly creative fan (like me ;) ). But little that we know that entertainment company would adopt this concept into their groups. If you are confused about what i really meant. I'll stop going around the bush then. We saw a couple of groups are putting background stories during their debut. The most famous one of course is EXO extraterrestrial concept. It is really amazing seeing them brings this images of stage just to grab attetion of audience.

So with this post here, I am bringing all of you readers some of the eminent concept that groups had put of and how an overall fan-fiction would look like. Care to continue reading -_-'

1. EXO
Known as the twelve forces that divide upon the death of their own planet, Planet EXO. This boys is the nurterer of the tree of life. Legend told that by the time the 12 forces combine, a new world would rise.

But recently, SM entertainment yet again to adapt another concept for the boys, that is being a wolf pack.
However not this kinda wolf pack

 They are more to this kinda wolf pack

you know what i meant if you had watch their drama version for wolf's mv....trollol

2. B.A.P (Best. Absolute. Perfect)

Who can forget their back story. A bunch of masked rabbit that crash landed onto earth n try to take over the world. With all members had their own design and personality of Matoki, this concept was taken even further with the publishing of internet comics and short cartoons. This alien concept was also applied into their own variety show, Ta Dah its BAP. Having Matoki as their avatar was a really good concept to go with.

3. LC9

This next group, LC9, dont really have a vivid concept over their debut. But who could forget their one of a kind mv that is nothing like a typical kpop mv. Rather than dancing and singing, this boys take it to the alley with fighthing seen so real that I couldnt focus on the music. 

If you look carefully to the mv's storyline, this boys is a bunch of fighther with some super power(ones you will find in fighthing games). And if I am not mistaken, Eden suppose to be an adroid, how cool is that!? I totally dont understand how this mv only able to garnered 1 015 777 views on youtube.


For the last group I am mentioning, VIXX. They dont really carry this images since their debut. But is just that the concept in their mv is not so that bad that they decided to bring this very image and enhance it on their second comeback. 

The reason i put them last here is because this group had been given a confusing image. Or should I say, a spave vampire with split personality and eventually grew wings,hahaha. How is that possible. But anyhow, they knew that they will be having a hard time to tell whether they are good or bad since their comeback

And eventually, they just lose control

Owh k then, if we put all of this together, this is what we get

Traditionally, the vampire and the wolf is arch enemy. And human had fell victims of their fight, forcing a group of super fighter to protect the human race. But little that we know that the battle had been influenced by a group of alien that wanted to take advantage of their fight. 

HOW? When both VIXX and BAP crashlanded. I guess the head trauma is the main cause VIXX had their split personality. Ans seeing that, BAP took advantage and plant stories in their mind thus starting the WAR!



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